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Factors that Affect the Function of a Fence

Jul. 28, 2021

You want to build a wire mesh fence. Which one should you choose? There are many different types of fencing materials to choose from. The function of the fence, the task you want it to perform, will be an important deciding factor in the selection process. Factors that affect the function of a fence.


Wire gauge

Mesh size


With few exceptions, wire fences are available in galvanized or vinyl coated finishes. Typically, vinyl is applied to wire that has been previously galvanized. The important question is whether the wire mesh under the vinyl coating is galvanized prior to welding or galvanized after welding. Why is this important?


Black Vinyl Coated Wire Mesh

When Galvanized wires are welded into a mesh and the protective zinc is burned off at the weld joints where the wires intersect. This leaves the wires unprotected and exposed to the air and any corrosive elements that may come in contact with them. Moisture tends to concentrate in these areas. One way to protect wires from this threat is to vinyl-coat them.

 PVC Welded Wire Mesh

PVC Welded Wire Mesh

Molten zinc, then PVC coating

For the highest quality protection against rust and corrosion, a thick coating of PVC is applied to the welded and then galvanized wire mesh. The wire fencing material is hot dipped - through a molten zinc bath. The zinc flows over the entire surface of the mesh, completely sealing the area where the wires and cords intersect. PVC is the last to be applied, extending the life of the fence due to its dual protection. PVC welded wire mesh euro fence mesh is widely used and very popular in the market.


What factors make PVC coated galvanized after welded wire mesh the best vinyl coated wire mesh and fence?

This attractive finish is pleasing to the eye

Longest life span - extended rust and corrosion protection

Reduced replacement costs and labor

Double protection - the galvanized coating bonds tightly to the PVC coating after welding

The next time you want to ensure that the wire you buy lasts the longest, use vinyl-coated wire mesh and galvanized fencing Welded. Make sure the PVC coating is both thick and tightly bonded to the wire underneath. This is very strong and is the same as the net used for lobster fishing.


Regarding galvanized materials for welded wire fencing, there are electro-galvanized materials and hot-dip galvanized materials. The wire used for galvanizing before welded wire fencing is heavy drawn wire. The wire is treated with electroplating. After multiple drawing, the surface zinc content of the welded wire is less, and the welded joints of the wire are not treated for corrosion. So the life of the wire is relatively short, generally about 1 year under outdoor conditions (electro-galvanized material), and about 5 years for the hot-dipped galvanized material before welding. The other one is galvanized after welding. The zinc content of the galvanizing process is significantly better than the first galvanized wire mesh, and the welded joints are well protected against corrosion. with better life expectancy.


In addition to galvanized material, many of the welded wire mesh are treated with PVC surface. Dipped welded wire mesh is made of black wire by machine weaving. It is made of plastic impregnated on the surface and has anti-corrosion effect. It is available in a variety of colors and has a life expectancy of 8-10 years. If you want to get more information about best PVC welded wire mesh wholesale, welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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