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Panel Fence

Features of Home Security Fence

Jun. 29, 2021

While a security fence should be difficult to climb, you want to avoid a solid barrier that cannot be seen through. There are other features of the fence that you should invest in. Let's take a look at the best features your security fence should have, as well as the types of fencing materials that provide the best home defense.



You don't actually want a fence that blocks the view from the other side. You want to be able to see people wandering on the other side because it gives you the opportunity to investigate or call for help before they cross the barrier. In addition, you want to eliminate hiding places on the fence line. When obtaining a fence, make sure there is space between the boards when installing a wooden or PVC fence.

2D Panel Double Wire Welded Fence

 2D Panel Double Wire Welded Fence     

High Fences

A good security fence can be as high as 6 feet, however 8 feet is even better. If you can go even higher, that would be great. However, the height of the fence may be limited by city ordinance or HOA regulations. Therefore, be sure to check with your municipality before installing a fence. If the fence is too high, the municipality may ask you to cancel the installation or change the height of the fence to make it lower.

Make it difficult to climb

The wire welded fence should not have any footing that allows a burglar to climb up it. Make sure the fences you use for home defense have few horizontal rails. If there are horizontal rails, make sure they face toward the interior of the house and that the space between the fence panels is narrow enough that a person could not possibly put the tip of their shoe through. If you are installing a chain link fence for residential use, make sure it is installed with smaller holes so that a person cannot use them to climb up.

Security Fence

Security Fence

Have security locks

Any gates or doors along a fence should have adequate padlocks. There are many different types of locks, including automatic locks and locks that will lock automatically. When placing locks, you want to install them in such a way that a person's hand cannot get through the gaps in the metal bars or boards and open the latch.


Protect the top and bottom of the fence

Burglars will look for many ways to get around a fence, including getting underneath it. If the fence is lifted off the ground, you will want to put some type of barrier underneath. You can secure the bottom of the fence with concrete for ultimate protection. If you are still concerned about people having the ability to go over the fence, you can install spikes, spear tops, or even razor wire at the top.


Complete Barriers

If a security fence doesn't surround the entire yard, it won't be effective. However, there may be obstacles such as a favorite tree or flowering bush where you want to end the panel. Thieves will use these gaps to get through, even if it means climbing a tree or breaking a branch on a bush and squeezing through. Try relocating bushes so they are out of the way, or use a fencing structure around the trees to make a sturdy barrier.

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