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Panel Fence
Panel Fence

The Courtyard is Fenced and the Space is Self-Contained

Jan. 29, 2021

"Accompany you to read the vast stars at night and taste the cozy romance in the afternoon." Courtyard because of its home intention, often be associated with a sense of well-being, leisure time planting flowers, reading and tea, gossip about painting and calligraphy, cozy romance, as in this afternoon coffee and vast stars. The courtyard fence, on the other hand, is the most beautiful spatial boundary of garden art.

The decrative panel fence plays the role of separation and guidance in the green space, making the boundary of the green space clear and unambiguous. Fence is not the main landscape composition, but the amount of large, long directional architectural vignettes, the effect of the garden is vital.

Decrative Panel Fence

Landscape Function Landscape Function

A. Optimize the design of human movement in the courtyard

The points that people move in the outdoor courtyard, together become the dynamic line, the dynamic line design should be as clear as possible, not cumbersome; simple and rhythmic. And the courtyard fence is just right to play this effect.

B. Help courtyard functional area and area division

Courtyard function needs to be divided into several areas such as: walking, dining, barbecue, swimming, leisure, game area, etc.. And according to the objective condition of the yard base and the owner's subjective functional needs to consider the area of each area division. The panel fence can well assume this role, and optimize the landscape effect.

C. Help to create a richly layered plant landscape

Garden plants should generally be one or two kinds of plants as the main scene, and then choose another one or two kinds of plants as a match, so that the level is clear, beautiful form, plant height with the configuration of color, texture, etc. should be to highlight the group beauty, and the diversity of the garden fence just let the plant levels and landscape effects more rich.

D. Create visual focus, and the use of scenery, borrowed scenery, frame scenery and other techniques

The garden can use the fence to create a combination of scenery to attract people's attention, to create a visual focal point can reasonably use a variety of methods such as scenery, borrowed scenery, frame scenery, etc., flexible, coherent to create a beautiful work.

E. Echo the style and cultural connotation of the courtyard design

Good courtyard design is to create a variety of landscape elements including nature, including the harmonious resonance of the landscape with style integrity and connotation of uniqueness. This is often reflected through the fence, such as metal offers timeless elegance with gorgeous ornaments and unique character.

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