Decorative Metal Garden Fence barrier YL-7804

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Decorative Garden Fence, Garden Barrier Portable Decorative Flower Fence, Animal Barrier, Border Garden Fence for Landscape, Trees, Flower Beds, Shrubs, Gardens


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1000X540mm  or 1000x700mm

The size could be customized.
Type: Arch shape and Picket shape
Color: Any color as your demand. Green color is more popular for border garden fence barrier , the green appearance of the garden fence anels barriers is more match the plants, and make them more decorative.
Size:The height of each piece of the decorative garden fence decorative is 540mm 21.25 inch and the width is 1000mm 39.37inch, you can decide how many piece to buy as your need.
First we make bundles to fix the garden fence barrier and put into carton box, then make pallet for conveniently transport.

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Material: The decorative garden fence barrier is welded by steel wire, the surface is powder coating, which makes your fencing for garden border more strong and durable.

Rust protection:The decorative garden fence barrier panels are made of high quality wire materials, the surface is powder coated with PVC coating, which has the characteristics of weather resistance, UV and rust prevention,.

Easy to Use & Store:Each border garden fence barrier can be random connected by interlocking design without any accessories or tools. There’s no need to dig soil, just push it into the ground. They also can be made into different shapes according to your special purpose. The garden border panel barrier can be fenced up into "O" shape to protect trees, "U" shape along the flower bed , or just straight lines. The simple style of this garden border panel barrier will add modern flavor to your garden, terrace or courtyard. At the same time, considering the convenience of storage, all the garden fence animal barriers can be folded up and stored without being taken apart.

Plant Protection:Installing our Decorative Garden Fence barrier can prevent cats or other animals from entering your plant bed and damaging your flower beds and vegetable fields. Put the decorative fences barrier around the small trees, which can also be a landscape of your garden.

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