Is Chain Link Fence Cheaper than Wood?

Life is about choice and the bigger issue when choosing a new fence is wooden or chain link fencing.Whether you are driving down a suburban road, walking along a bustling city street or even running along country land, you will see either wood or chain link fencing.

When it comes to deciding which type of fence is best for your house, the decision will largely depend on a number of factors, the most important of which will be cost comparisons, design advantages and disadvantages and maintenance time. Next the fence manufacturer will compare wooden fences with chain link fences.

Cost comparison of fencing

Typically, a wooden fence of any type costs more than a chain link fence.

Like all fences, there are other cost factors in addition to the actual cost of the material. Firstly, chain link fencing is easier to install and can offer a lower invoice for potential DIY projects or from professionals (the easier it is, the cheaper the project). However, you must be aware of certain hardware costs. Expect separate costs for

Metal stakes

Galvanised posts


Corner adapters

Tie wire


Chain Link Fence

Comparison of fence designs

As with all other houses, we have to balance function and design. In terms of design, a wooden fence will beat a chain link almost every time. Chain link fences are available in a limited number of colours. However, you can choose from a Californian style with wooden posts and covers. Instead, not only are there many different woods for fencing, but the variety of styles gives you the opportunity to create a unique fence design that fits your home. You can choose from.





6ft privacy fence

Shadow Frame Fencing

Fence Fencing

Pasture fence

Boardless Board Fencing

Fence installation comparison

In short, wooden fences are more difficult (and therefore more expensive) to install. While many timber fences are installed panel by panel, the prefabricated sections of chain link fencing interlock with galvanised steel fence posts. The posts must be cemented into the ground, but as you can imagine, it is much easier to install a large fence (chain link) than a hundred tiny parts.

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The bright side of a wooden fence is that you don't have to use concrete. Some builders recommend it, but it's not 100% necessary. Just know that every other aspect of a wooden fence installation is more difficult than a chain link fence.

For privacy, you are most likely to choose a wooden fence. To provide privacy, you need a high fence. However, the higher the boards are, the more weight they carry. This not only increases your project time, but also adds to your physical burden. In addition, if you do not use concrete, you must ensure that the post holes go deep into the ground. Just make sure you do not hit the utility lines and knock out all power.

Post time: Nov-23-2021