What Are the Advantages of Gabion Mesh?

Gabion mesh is is made of high corrosion resistant, high strength low carbon steel wire or PVC coated steel wire, processed by mechanical weaving, and can be made into mesh mats for slope support, pit support, mountain rock face hanging net spraying, slope vegetation (greening), railroad highway isolation barrier net, it can also be made into a net box for river, dam and sea pond scour protection and reservoir, river interception.Wire mesh manufacturer will introduce the advantages of gabion mesh.

Gabion Mesh

Advantagesof gabion mesh

Gabion mesh has smooth and neat surface, uniform mesh surface, beautiful structure, low cost, easy to install, beautify the environment, improve water quality, etc. It can resist the influence of bad weather and wind, frost, rain and snow, and is often used in garden decoration, slope greening, river bank protection and other fields.

1. Easy installation

Gabion has the features of short installation time, easy installation, low cost and high efficiency, which can save 40% of time. The front and rear plates, bottom plates and partition plates are made first, and then they are welded and assembled together with the mesh cover by spiral tying wire.

2.Beautify the environment

Gabion mesh has strong firmness, corrosion resistance, permeability and integrity. Filling block stones or pebbles inside the welded gabion mesh box can beautify the environment. A layer of adobe is laid on top of gabion mesh, and then some vegetation is born. Throwing a layer of soil or natural deposited soil on the surface of gabion mesh box or gabion mesh slope protection can grow grass and other green plants to prevent rock desertification on the side slope.

3.Improve water quality

The pore space between stones in gabion box or wire mesh creates conditions for water flow, realizes natural exchange between water body and soil, creates living environment for water body organisms and microorganisms, thus enhancing the self-purification ability of water body, protecting and improving water quality.

Gabion Mesh

4. Long service life

The retaining wall made by gabions or the paved slope, because the filling material inside the gabions is block solid with more pores, the seeping water can be discharged in time, which reduces the chance of the wall being damaged, and the deformation of the wall can buffer the sudden external impact. Such a gabion wall has a long life and long service life, which is an aspect of environmental protection.

5. Aesthetic effect

The simple structure and various colors of gabion box can provide us with a variety of shapes and designs to suit the landscape requirements of different areas. Also, it can be combined with flowers and trees to present an environmentally friendly artificial landscape.

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Post time: Nov-23-2021