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Classification of Safety Fences

Nov. 13, 2020

Safety fences can be divided into soft fences and hard fences. The fences are divided into general polypropylene high-strength wire mesh and polyester fence. Generally, the fence is calculated by the meter, the general practice is to make the height of 1 meter, and the length is determined by the customer. Those higher than one meter can also be customized. Safety fences can be divided into two categories: general fences (net rope diameter 3.5mm) and polyester fences. The fence is usually equipped with a bracket. Generally, with a bracket of about 2 meters, it can be longer, but it is best not to exceed a distance of 5 meters.

1. Bucket elastic fence is divided into stainless steel cylindrical elastic fence, insulated cylindrical elastic fence, and PVC cylindrical elastic fence.

The raw material of the fence is nylon, the rope is relatively thin, and it is used.

The barrel can be taken off cheaper because it is relatively simple to make. The core can be made of PVC or stainless steel. The outer cover can be PVC or stainless steel.

Safety fences

2. Stainless steel elastic fence (belt type) WLD-L-meter height is generally 1 meter or 0.9 meters or 1.2 meters, the height is mainly limited by the different application areas, the longest belt is 5 meters because there are poles (outside Diameter) restrictions cannot be fitted with two long straps. The bandwidth is generally 5cm.

The same as the bank’s 1-meter belt. The lower part is a cast-iron pier with a stainless steel cover. It can be double-layered or single-layered. Generally, the upper part is red and the lower part is yellow. Recently, the colors have increased: blue, national grid green, red, and yellow. Four colors, yellow (white) on the red band, red on the yellow band, and white on the national network green and blue bands, which are more eye-catching.

3. Insulated elastic fence JLD-L-m Purely insulated: the column and bottom pier, and the strap hanging head are all insulated. There is another kind of column that is insulated and the pier is stainless steel. The other straps are the same as the stainless steel elastic fence.

Generally, the price is quoted by piece, and the pole is quoted separately. If you want more, it will be a piece with one bracket, and finally, one more bracket is right.

The above information is provided by the Safety Fences factory.

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