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How to Let the Dog Actively Enter the Dog Cage?

Dec. 25, 2020

Some people raise their pet dogs freely at home, and the dogs can move around freely in the house. However, there are also many people who raise dogs in cages. They regularly let their dogs come out and let them out. When the owner goes to work, the dogs are kept in the cage. How do you let the dog into the dog cage? What kind of dog cage do dogs like? Next, the dog kennel factory will explain to everyone.


1. Let the dog fumble into the pet cage by himself, instead of forcibly putting them in, you can use feeding, snacking or toys to make the dog build positive associations, and always open the cage door to wait for him

2. If the dog is willing to enter the dog kennel, we can start the next step: prepare a rich dinner and put it in the cage, but do not let the puppies in, let the dog see, smell, but can't enter, To make the dog feel depressed, at this time you open the cage door and let him in. Close the cage door when the dog is eating, open the cage door after the dog has eaten, and take the dog to the toilet.

3. Repeat this action until your dog likes to carry it in the cage-if the puppy stays in the cage. Looking at you with expectations, this time shows that you have succeeded. At this time you can start to extend the dog's eating time and sleeping time in the cage. In addition to sleeping in the cage at night, the dog must be cultivated to stay in the cage when resting during the day. You have to make sure that there are fun toys and dog chews in the cage.

After knowing how to get a dog into a dog cage, it is very important to choose a suitable dog cage. Xindong Yilong recommends four popular dog cages to you.

1.Chain link Fence dog kennel

*Plenty of room for exercise & play in the great outdoors, we provide you with different size to choose.

*Durable dog kennel provides more stability, composed of strong hot-dip galvanized wire chain-link fence and steel pipe frame provides safe space to dogs.

*There are roof could choose to avoid the raining and sunshine.

*The hinged door ensures secure and safe to your dogs.

Chain Link Fence Dog Kennel

Chain Link Fence Dog Kennel

2.Welded panel fence dog kennel

*Give your pet a safe and plenty place to play with Newest Yilong Dog Kennel, with Roof.

*Strong welded wire mesh with steel tubes, Rust-resistant and powder-coated on galvanized steel tubes allow long-term outdoor and indoor use.

*Customize size fits your pet or area's specific needs.

*Folds compact and simple for easy storage and transportation.

*Door latch keeps pets safe and secure and gives owners easy access. 

Welded Panel Fence Dog Kennel

Welded Panel Fence Dog Kennel

3. Panel fence dog kennel

*Handy and useful pet playpen can be used in both indoor and outdoor activities.

*Flexible in size, it is very easy to combine the panel together to change the playpen size. you can build a larger playground for your dogs to run freely or small a place just limit your pets exercise area, and it could make a different shape, used to separate different pets.

*Metal stakes connect the panels firmly and anchor the panels to the ground.

*Convenient to store, This pet playpen can be disassembled into a flat and compact size for easy storing when not in use. Flat packing size is also convenient to transport.

Panel Fence Dog Kennel

Panel Fence Dog Kennel

4.Welded wire fence dog kennel

*Widely used, can be used as a kennel or for other purposes, perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, convenience when feeding and training. 

*High-Quality Material, strong Iron material and powder coating surface, sturdy and durable to use.

*Size of panel is ideal for small animals like puppies, rabbits, piggies, ducks, small non-active dogs to play in.

*Easy to assemble: the modular fence is easy to assemble according to the detailed instructions. Panels are connected by metal bars, can build in different shapes and sizes by adding or removing panels.

Welded Wire Fence Dog Kennel

Welded Wire Fence Dog Kennel

5.Foldable dog cage

*Made by strong steel wire and powder-coated finish for durable use.

*With the double-door design for convenient entry.

*Easy cleaning with a removable metal tray.  

*Different dimensions can choose, easy to set up convenient to carry.

*Helps restrain the dog and reduce driver distraction.

Foldable Dog Cage

Foldable Dog Cage

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Provide a variety of hardware and horticultural products, with one own factory, three joint venture factories and more than 20 professional factories in close cooperation to meet customer needs. If you want to know more about pet cage, wire mesh dog kennel, chain link fence kennel, please contact us.

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