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Installation and Construction of Stadium Fence

Oct. 16, 2020

The stadium playing field should be a rectangular solid plane with no obstacles. It is generally prepared during design. Generally, outdoor stadium fences are protective facilities. The stadium fence net is generally PVC coated welded wire mesh. Stadium fences are generally 3 meters high. For installation, if it is close to a residential area or a road, it can reach 4 meters, and the fences are generally separated by about 2 meters. The stadium fence can use rubberized barbed wire, the mesh is 50 mm×50 mm, and there should be no sharp places in the fence. Otherwise, there will be a personal danger. Hide the protruding parts such as door handles and door latches to avoid injury to athletes.

The access door needs to be made into a size that the maintenance equipment can enter and exit, generally 2 meters wide and 2 meters high. The stadium fence has the characteristics of smooth overall mesh surface, bright colors, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and resistance to external impact and deformation.

PVC Coated Welded Wire Mesh

In view of the stadium construction drawing requirements or due to price issues, some customers choose the installation plan of the stadium fence netting with the on-site stretched mesh and hanging on the columns and beams. The correct construction method of this installation plan is to fix one column A first, then fix the second column B, then install the measurement, and then continue to stretch the net. When this piece is done, continue to fix the third column C, stretch the fence between B and C, and so on.

Do not use iron tongs to open the connection groove when installing the column, so as to avoid damage to the surface protection layer of the fence. During the curing process of the cement chip layer, all the embedded parts should be installed. When the foundation* layer is leveled, the embedded parts should be embedded in accordance with the design requirements of the drawings, and the grid columns should be pre-embedded. The embedded parts adopt 250×250×12mm steel plate, the embedded depth is 500mm, the lamp post adopts 400×400×14mm steel plate, the embedded depth is 600mm, the length and width are 500×500mm, the embedded line pipe is PVC hose, and the embedded depth is 120mm, the ball net post is embedded with special embedded parts. The installation of stadium fence netting includes vertical poles, upper and lower horizontal bars, and fences. All vertical poles, horizontal bars, fences, and doors are coated with more than two layers of alkyd red anti-rust primer, and then two coats of alkyd outdoor enamel are used. The color is green, and the fence installation includes flat iron and all zero-fitting fixtures. The pole is Ø65 steel pipe, the crossbar is Ø50 steel pipe, the fence: rubberized fence, the mesh distance is 45mm×45mm, the outer diameter is 3.9 mm, the inner diameter is 2.5mm, the height is 4.0m, the color is green, the door is a Ø50 steel pipe frame, and the fence model is the same as the fence.

The above information is provided by the field fence factory.

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