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What to Pay Attention to in the Purchase of Welded Wire Mesh

Nov. 07, 2020

Galvanized welded wire mesh is often used in construction, cages for breeding chickens, pigeons, and rabbits, balcony protection, machine guards, flower guardrails, etc. According to the different welding hole and wire diameter, the use of welded wire mesh products is also different, for example, the use of welded wire mesh for insulation walls in housing construction, the use of welded wire mesh for corn netting in agricultural circles, the use of welded wire mesh for breeding chickens and mink, flowers The use of seedbed welded wire meshes are all selected according to different apertures and wire diameters. The following is an introduction to the matters to be noted in the process of purchasing welded wire meshes.

Generally, when customers buy welded wire mesh, they will urge the panel fence manufacturer to have enough meters, the wire diameter to be thick enough, the weight to meet the standard, and the mesh to meet the specifications. Of course, for these problems, the manufacturer must naturally meet the standard. If you can't even meet such basic requirements, it will be considered a lot of reputable manufacturers, and such manufacturers will not retain customers. Whether the customer understands the welded wire mesh industry, the manufacturer will know when he hears what the customer says. If the customer speaks, the manufacturer will know that he is not a professional customer of welded wire mesh. The price given by the manufacturer will naturally not be real if the customer said in the process of communicating with the manufacturer on the point of the welded wire mesh industry, the manufacturer will know that it is a professional person, and will naturally lower the price of welded wire mesh. So how to communicate with the manufacturer? This is also a communication skill.

Welded Wire Mesh

1. The communication process should be simple and sharp. The customer should think of how to communicate before describing the specifications with the manufacturer so that the manufacturer can know that the customer is an expert and a professional who often contacts the welded wire mesh industry.

2. The main points should be stated in the communication process. After discussing the specifications of the welded wire mesh product with the manufacturer, the customer must urge the zinc layer of the welded wire mesh or some loopholes in the body of the welded wire mesh to ensure the integrity of the welded wire mesh quality.

3. To purchase corresponding products on the Internet, we first need to determine whether we are cooperating with large manufacturers and whether we can be completely new to manufacturers in terms of quality in the process of cooperation. In fact, we need to understand the process of purchasing gabion nets. Own application sites, because different sites also have differences in material requirements, so there are differences in prices.

4. During the purchase process of welded wire mesh, we need to determine whether the manufacturer can reduce or exempt the transportation cost and whether there are professionals involved in the assembly process. If the manufacturer can give certain guarantees in these two aspects, it will definitely become people's trust. Object, but after purchasing the product, after-sale quality assurance is required.

In fact, buying welded wire mesh is nothing more than hoping to be used in building reinforcement, protection engineering, and aquaculture industries, so manufacturers of welded wire meshes are here to warn you. In the choice of materials, we need to carefully understand the differences in the materials required by different places. The purchase of products needs to start with quality issues, and then can extend to the internal effect so that we can buy cheap welded wire mesh.

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