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What Should We Know When Installing a Fence?

Nov. 26, 2020

When you need to install a new fence, also consider the feelings of the neighbors around you. If you can choose the type of fence you want, it is really a good thing. The fence is installed in your yard, but your neighbors can still see it from the yard or windows every day. Field fence factory will introduce what should we know when installing a fence?

Confirm where the property belongs

Do you know where the floor space of the house is from? It is a good idea to check the range of the house. This table can tell you the range of your house. If you lose this, you can get it for free at the office. You can also hire a land surveyor to clarify the boundaries of your property. In addition, the surveyor can place piles along the boundary, allowing you to more clearly understand the exact location of the fence.

Put up a fence rules with your neighbors

As long as your fence is within your property and complies with neighborhood regulations, there is virtually no need to discuss it with your neighbors. Nevertheless, etiquette is required your neighbors object to your fence, doing so can save you from future legal disputes. In addition, if this becomes a dividing line between the yard, it is actually a question for neighbors! You may find that you and your neighbors can share the cost when installing the fence.

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Turn the completed side of the fence towards your neighbor

Some fences have a finished side that looks smoother and more polished than the side with rails and posts. Especially, it is usually used for solid fences that can protect privacy, and it is usually constructed in this way. The finished side should face your neighbor. This is not only courtesy but also standard. The "good" side of your fence is facing the outside and will be more beautiful. Otherwise, your fence will look like it was installed later.

However, many types of fences look the same on both sides, so they are often referred to as "good neighbor fences." If you don't like the appearance of the inside of the fence, you can install a double-sided privacy fence. The double-sided fence is made of a "sandwich structure", which also makes it stronger.

Constantly repair your fence

Of course, you also want the decorative fence to look as beautiful as possible-you certainly don't want the paint on the fence to fade or break, you want to keep the fence clean, and you don't want the wood to rot. This is really not just for your own benefit-if your fence looks unsightly, the neighbors around you will be in a bad mood. If they decide to sell, it may affect the value of the fence. If you are unable to maintain the fence consistently, you should consider using materials with lower repair costs, such as vinyl or aluminum. Darker fences are better maintained than lighter fences and do not require frequent cleaning.

Following the etiquette of the fence can reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble. Before installing the fence, communicate with your neighbors in advance-don't let it become an unpleasant fuse. I will be surprised by the active cooperation and enthusiastic help of the neighbors.

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