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Tension wires are widely used in Agriculture and garden for tie wire or binding wire.

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1. Features: Mainly include hot dip galvanized wire and PVC coated wire; Suitable hardness to make the binding not easy to come apart; Different color more suit with surrounding plants;
Galvanized and Plastic coating can effectively prevent rust and greatly prolong service life. Each roll has a longer length to suit more occasions.
The special material makes it adapt to all kinds of bad weather, you don’t have to worry about it being damaged.
2. Gardening Use- Used for tying up and fixing various climbing plants and various medium and large plants; Suitable for some modeling, and will not damage the stem of your plants,
the gardening ties can be used to support the flower, potted plants and vines plants to assist their growth.
The garden ties for vines can be used as garden twist tie, securing plants, vines, shrubs and flowers to trellis, stakes, or other plant growing supports.
It can also be used for sealing various items such as bags.
3. Convenient Cutting & Easily Bend- Flexible enough to shape and bend as your needs. You can cut the twist ties freely with a scissor according to the length.
You can cut out the length you want and twist it into any shape you want,It’s pliable enough to reuse several times and Easy to disassemble,
so will not cause waste ,Thick wire dia is strong enough and not to break easily .
4. Home & Office Use- The garden tie can be Used for gardening,indoor and outdoor decoration and DIY, such as crafts making, hanging garland,
decorate christmas tree and put up Christmas lights, cable tie to organizer headphones line, USB cable, computer line and mobile phone charger cable, keep your cables neat and organized.
5. Package- each coil with label card, then by carton or pallets.

The Specifications of hot dip galvanized wire with spring:

Hickness(mm) Length(m) Weight Packing cm
1.3 100 1040g 10 14
2 100 2460g 5 14
2.2 100 2980g 5 14
2.4 100 3550g 5 14
2.7 100 4450g 5 14
3 100 5550g 5 14

The Specifications of PVC coated wire with spring:

Thickness(mm) Length(m) Weight(g) Packing cm
1.0/1.5 100 760 10 14
1.3/1.8 100 1250 10 14
1.5/2.0 100 1800 10 14
1.6/2.2 100 1920 10 14
1.7/2.4 100 2400 10 14
1.8/2.6 100 2600 10 14
2.0/3.0 100 3300 10 14
2.2/3.2 100 3900 5 14
2.4/3.5 100 4700 5 14
2.7/4.0 100 5500 5 14

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