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  • A special day for HEBEI NEWEAST YILONG

    A special day for HEBEI NEWEAST YILONG

    September 6th, 2022 is a special day, our colleague from Document department Mrs. Xie officially retire today, She was the first employee of our company and will leave our friendly group now, we all miss her, we bought flowers for her and took group photos together to re...
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  • Huaxi Valley League Construction

    Huaxi Valley League Construction

    It’s early autumn, the weather is cool and sunny. In order to make employees relax physically and mentally from the work’s pressure, and also enhance the collaboration ability between colleagues, improve work efficiency, strengthen the company’s cohesion, Hebei Neweast Yilong organized this year’...
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  • Xishan Forest Park mountaineering activity

    Warmly celebrate the success of the Xishan Forest Park mountaineering activity which was organized by the Finance Department and the Document Department of Hebei Neweast Yilong trading CO., LTD dated 18-Sep.,2021. ...
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  • Authorized Economic Operation

    Hebei Neweast Yilong Trading Co., Ltd. was awarded the AEO (Authorized Economic Operation) Senior certification of enterprise by the customs of the People’s Republic of China in Nov. 2, 2015. The AEO code is AEOCN1301961785. Certified operators (Authorized Economic Operator): it is defined ...
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