Chain link Fence dog kennel

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Material: Hot dip GalvAdvantage:Easy to assembleShape:With roof or without roof,Well assembled door

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About chainlink fence panel
The chainlink fence panel is composed of chain fences and pipes. You can request the roof according to your needs. It is very easy to assemble and used outdoors. The edge of the fence panel is connected to the chain link fence post. The chainlink fence panel is widely used in kennels and other animal homes, and can also be used as a temporary fence system for activities, construction sites and other places.

Specifications and characteristics of chainlink fence panel
The chainlink fence panel is easy to install and requires no tools, Simple clips are used to connect these fence panels.
The chain link fence panel is sturdy and durable; the panel can be easily repositioned or redirected.
The chain link fencing panel is made of high-grade galvanized steel to prevent rust and corrosion. The metal bracket prevents the connection of the fence to the soil and prevents humidity.
The solid weld on the steel plate has high durability and strength, making the fence easy to assemble, and the galvanized layer helps prevent rust or corrosion.
Chain link fence panel surface: hot-dip galvanized, more durable and free from corrosion. Can be customized PVC coating and stainless steel chain fence board and other types.

Item No. Size (Width x Depth x Height)
YL-PC016 5′x 5′x 6′
YL-PC017 10′x 5′x 6′
YL-PC018 10′x 10′x 6′

Other sizes, grades and options can be provided according to each quotation.
Installation of chainlink fence panel
Plan the size of your dog kennel
How to calculate the size of ourdoor dog kennel? By asking experts, we hoped to get a formula for calculating the size. But as it turns out, there is no such thing. The size of a panel is determined based on how much time your dog will be spending in the kennel and how much space you have available. If your dog is going to be outside all day, he will need a larger panel so he can run and exercise. So before ordering or installing a chain link fence panel, please measure the area of your backyard or middle garden so that you can choose a chainlink fence panel of appropriate specifications!
Choose dog kennel fencing materials
For walls and gates, chain link fence panel is your best bet. It’s inexpensive, easy to assemble, and you can buy pre-made wall and gate sections at any home center. The height of the chain link fence panel depends on the height of the building and the habits of the dog, as high as possible to keep the dog in the den. In addition, if your dog really likes to chew on things to sharpen his teeth, welded wire kennel is also a good choice to consider.
Choose the dog kennel flooring
Concrete is still the most commonly used flooring material today, easy to install, clean and low cost. But hard floors can lead to calluses, increased wear and tear on your dog’s meat store and even joint pain over time. The newest materials pea gravel or large flat stones (slabs) can solve this problem and you may want to consider replacing concrete with these materials.
Plan for a doghouse or shading
If the dog needs to spend a lot of time outdoors, combined with the weather conditions where you are, it is recommended that you install a shaded shelter that will protect the dog in extreme weather and also keep the kennel clean.
You don’t need to worry about the installation process. We will provide you with detailed installation manuals and videos. If you have any questions, you can contact us directly!
Final word
If you are looking for a company that can provide chain link fencing panels, we can be your choice. Our main products are various types of wire, wire mesh, garden fences, fence posts, garden gates, plant stands and lattices, nails, pole anchors, cattle fences, pet cages, etc. Most of our products are exported to Europe, America, Russia, Japan, South Korea, etc. Hebei Neweast Yilong Trading Co., Ltd. is engaged in product research and innovation. Now, we have three patents in product accessories and we are keeping on the path, exploring and updating, to provide better products.

The kennel height can be 1.8-2.0m,the width and length is from 2.0-10m
it provide a good place for dag to exercise or play outdoor
It is made of Pre hot dip galvanized pipe and wire
The fence is weaving,and the fence and tube connect with tie wire.

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