tree root wire basket

  • Shaped wire basket
  • Black hexagonal net

    Black hexagonal net

    Wire netting for rootEnvironment, Bio-degradable, Innocuousness, Non-toxic

  • extension wire tree rootball basket

    extension wire tree rootball basket

    Wire tree rootball baskets are widely used to protect the trees and other plant’s rootballs, they can keep the soil well when moving by truck or transplanting.Wrap up the roots can provide enough nutrition to plants, it is a good option for gardening and farming.Wire tree rootball basket is woven by wire lines and welded together, then spray oil to anti-rust.We use food-grade oil, it’s clear and has no special smells and environment. We usually supplythe sizes with diameter 30cm – 140 cm, other sizes could produce as your need. Holland’s design wire basket is used for Holmac and Pazzaglia root balling machines.France Design/style rootball tree wire basket is mainly for French Market & The Belgian market.