Metal clips and Plastic clips for fence and post

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 Picture 284 Middle metal clamp  Picture 345 End plastic  clamp
60x40mm,60c60mm Φ38mm,Φ48mm
80x80mm Φ60mm
 Picture 286 Corner metal clamp  Picture 3 Plastic clamp
60x40mm,60c60mm Φ48mm
 Picture 285 End metal clamp  Picture 619 Fixator
60x40mm,60c60mm 40x40mm,40x60mm
80x80mm 60x60mm
 Picture 287 Middle metal clamp  Picture 616 Spider clamp
60x40mm 40×40,40×60,60x60mm
 Picture 288 Corner metal clamp  Picture 756Picture 618 Metal clamp
60x40mm 40×40,40×60,60x60mm
 Picture 291 Middle plastic  clamp  Picture 88 Metal clamp
60x40mm,60x60mm 40x60mm
 Picture 372 Middle plastic  clamp  Picture 617 Clamp for pit post
Φ38mm,Φ48mm,Φ60mm Φ48mm,Φ60mm
 Picture 3003 Hooks for panel  Picture 3004 Clips for panel
 Picture 289 Φ34mm,Φ38mm  Picture 4125Picture 2958 M Clips and pliers
 Picture 466 Φ34mm,Φ38mm
 Picture 467 Φ34mm,Φ38mm
 Picture 707Picture 663 Wire holder  Picture 2 Clips for pit post 3.0-3.5mm
 Picture 803Picture 470 Wire holder  Picture 577 Wire holder

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