Do you use tree rootball basket when transport the tees ?

Should I Remove the Burlap When Planting a Tree?This last question has been debated for many years, and almost everyone has a different opinion. There is a lot of advice, based almost entirely on anecdotal evidence, from green industry professionals about the right way to handle balled-up burlap plants. These suggestions range from keeping all items intact to removing all packaging materials.

Wire baskets are an essential product for the green industry. The introduction of wire baskets has allowed for larger trees to be successfully planted with less transplanting impact than previous methods.

By removing the wire and burlap, most of the root ball becomes loose or broken. This situation is equivalent to planting bare-root plants, which usually have a lot of transplant shock and require multiple seasons of release and watering. This also significantly increases installation time.

Root Wire Basket

Root Wire Basket

On the other hand, by leaving the wire and burlap in place will improve grafting success and minimize release sampling. The problem with keeping the packing material intact is that it may restrict the root system when the plants grow out of the original root ball. Wire baskets for plants with burlap allow for efficient and successful transplanting of large plants into the architectural landscape.

All parties agree that removing all tree wire baskets from the trunk and around the root ball is necessary. Many times the twine is synthetic and therefore will not decompose in an acceptable amount of time. The same is true of synthetic or treated burlap, but not much of it is currently used.

The debate between keeping wire ball baskets intact versus removing them is essentially a debate between successful transplanting (staying on the wire) versus long-term health (removing the wire). This debate is most common between the nursery/installer and the arborist, which can lead to a negative perception by the installer/nursery arborist.

Extensible Wire Basket

Extensible Wire Basket

The conventional thinking is that for initial transplanting success, leaving the root wire basket and coarse linen at least partially in place is the best approach. A recent study by Koeser et al. (2015) on Norway maple and honey locust showed no difference in early growth between intact wire and removed wire. Significant differences were found in rootball condition and installation time two to three years after planting. Since this trial was conducted with nursery soil, it may vary when planted into a built environment.

Research on the long-term success of plants that remain intact in tree wire baskets has been mixed. This is likely due to differences in species and location. Many plant species (especially faster growing plants) will wrap wire around their roots as the thickness of the roots increases. Recent work related to the long-term (9-year) effects of wire baskets has shown marginal differences between removing wire and burlap, removing burlap and string, and removing all packing material. This study concluded that the removal of wire baskets was recommended to be less important than site factors and post-planting care (i.e., watering).

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Post time: Nov-23-2021