How to Design a Metal Fence?

The fence, dividing the use of space in the yard, beautifying the environment of the yard, blocking the traffic outside the yard, knotting the hut in the human realm, but no car and horse noise.

If you're worried about passersby being able to walk into the house from the side, then you can check out the idea of a patio privacy fence. Shutters would be a great solution, but this could disrupt the beautiful view of the landscape. Instead, a fence is a solution to the noise problem and maintains privacy. 

We often think that walls may obscure the yard, but with the right design, this can be prevented. The height of the walls can vary, different materials are combined with beautiful greenery, and the fence should match the style of the house.

Metal screens offer timeless elegance with ornate ornaments and unique character. Garden fences protect both land and privacy. Looking at the gallery of garden fences, you will see that the various designs, sizes and coatings are a symbiosis of function and aesthetics.

Garden Fence

Metal fencedesign points and specificationsA. Height

General low fence height 0.2 to 0.3 meters, medium fence 0.8 to 0.9 meters, high fence 1.1 to 1.3 meters, according to the needs of the place to choose. With the progress of society, more need is the beautiful shape of the guiding railings, ecological type interval, do not take the height of the railings to replace the management, so that the green space is separated. Also can be combined with more hedges, water, rocks, natural terrain changes, etc.

Lawn, flower bed edge with low railing, clear boundary, is also a good decoration and embellishment, in the restricted entry space, crowded gate, playground, etc. with medium railing; emphasize the guidance; in the height of the ground, animal cages, external fences, etc., with high railing, play a separating role.

B. Composition

The composition of the railing to look good unit; more beautiful as a whole, continuous repetition over a long distance, producing a sense of rhythmic beauty, so some specific patterns are often not as strong as the abstract composition of geometric lines to people feel.

In addition, the composition should be subject to environmental requirements. For example, the bridge railing, flat curved bridge railing is sometimes only two horizontal lines, and the water of the flat bridge shape echo, while the arch bridge railing, is following the body of the bridge is arched. The color of the railings hidden choice, and never to take over the main. The composition of the railing is also closely related to the cost, to be sparse, appropriate materials, pay attention to the savings of each unit.


Low bar to prevent sitting and stepping, so the shape of the low bar is sometimes made of wavy, sometimes straight pole up, as long as the shape looks good, solid structure, the distance between the rods is larger, so as to save the cost and easy to maintain; in the bar in the place to prevent drilling, the headroom should not exceed 14 cm in the place not to prevent drilling, the beauty of the composition is the key. In addition, the upper threshold of the bar should be considered as a handrail, pay attention to the experience of looking over the bar, the high bar to prevent climbing, so there should not be too many horizontal rods below, child safety should also be noted.

Post time: Nov-23-2021