The Characteristics of Weaving Method of Stadium Fence Mesh

The stadium fence adopts high-grade metal paint, the product has bright colors, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, complete specifications, flat mesh surface, strong tension, and is not easily deformed by external forces. The stadium fence product has bright colors, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, and complete specifications. The mesh surface is flat, strong tension, not easy to be deformed by external impact.

In the weaving method of stadium fence netting, it is more comprehensive and valuable for the characteristics of mesh connection and weaving. In the main steel wire and steel structure weaving, various mesh and area weaving types are used to form a more complete and comprehensive Utilization value, the surface column of the stadium fence, the galvanized steel wire weaving, the weaving method, and the main characteristics, we will focus on your introduction from here.

Iron Wire Mesh

1. Weaving method of the stadium fence

The direct weaving method of steel wire; is the direct weaving method of steel wire, which is similar to the weaving method of chain link fence we have seen. The wires next to each other are spliced in a hook shape, which is more valuable in this respect. In the future market, the hook-shaped hooking method can save larger fence mesh material and stabilize compression. It has more full use value in this respect. In addition, among the weaving methods, stadium fence nets also have a more complete and comprehensive weaving method, which promotes faster assembly of stadium fence nets.

2. Other common weaving methods

In addition, there are also direct weaving, column, and beam clamping assembly, and there are various ways of column assembly. These common methods are faster to promote installation and utilization, and the main characteristics of materials. In the aspect of anti-corrosion treatment, The dipping processing method will also have a certain degree of utilization for material utilization.

3. Weaving characteristics of the stadium fence

The installation is stable and reliable; the material is made of more durable anti-corrosion welding high-quality steel wire material, which has rich and comprehensive utilization; the material selection is reliable and convenient; in addition, the material selection, galvanized steel wire or galvanized durable material, is more network-usable.

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Post time: Nov-23-2021