premium double garden gate with double wire mesh

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Premium Double Gate

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WidthxHeight Mesh Infill Leaf Frame Post
(1500+1500) x 800 200×50,
40×40/1.5mm Φ60/2.0mm x 1300mm
(1500+1500) x 1000 Φ60/2.0mm x 1500mm
(1500+1500) x 1200 Φ60/2.0mm x 1700mm
(1500+1500) x 1400 Φ60/2.0mm x 1900mm
(1500+1500) x 1600
(1500+1500) x 1800
Φ60/2.0mm x 2100mm
Φ60/2.0mm x 2300mm
(1500+1500) x 2000 Φ60/2.0mm x 2500mm

This garden gate serves as a practical entrance to your garden,which it stylishly separates.Extremely stable and durable,this fence will be a practical barrier to your garden, courtyard or terrace.
The gate is welded with strong vertical and horizontal rods that provide additional stability.
Thus, this garden gate will provide a high level of privacy and security while providing a fabulous entrance to your property.The gate is made of high-load powder-coated steel and is therefore well protected against rust and corrosion.
In addition, this fence door is equipped with strong hinges for easy assembly, as well as a robust locking system with two matching keys.
This garden gate is a great combination of style, strength, stability and corrosion resistance.
This gate is often used in garden or villa with 2D double wire welded fence.
You can open two wicket or one of them,when you open one of them,the metal drop on another wicket will used to fix another wicket.
The width can be 3.0m,4.0m to provide a wider channel
Packing: by plastic film and pallet or carton or carton with pallet.
Handle: plastic/aluminium/stainless steel.
Lock: zn-al /brass.
Hinge: L type/straight type with galvanized or stainless steel.
Stopper: metal/plastic.

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