Tomato support

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Plant Supports Spiral Tomato Cages
Climbing Plants Stake Tower
tall spiral shaped support

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The size could be customized.
1.5m -2m tall spiral shaped support ideal for tomatoes and all climbing plants.
Heavy gauge steel wire,thicker-gauge, zinc coating or green color vinyl coated steel rod built to last longer.


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Each piece with sticker label, then by Pallet for conveniently transport.
Green color vinyl coating makes perfect camouflage in the garden. Anti-rust, acid,strong and durable.

Easy to Use & Store:
Easy to install, no fastenings, ideal for all climbing plants.
Without any accessories or tools, and no need to dig soil, just push them into the ground. Insert deeper into the earth can strengthen firmness. The stakes can save space and easy to store.

Plant Protection:
Usually used as plant stake, plant support, plant grower, tomato cage, tomato holder and more. Put the plant spiral stake can well prop up plants to grow straight and healthily, effectively prevent vine from spreading out, protect plants against strong wind, heavy rain or their own heavy blooms, create well ordered border and keep pathways open.

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